Cucumber Juice for Skin & Weight Loss

Drinking cucumber juice is a generally new wonder yet like other foods grown from the ground, it is a very focused wellspring of supplements that can convey various Medical and Beauty advantages.

Cucumbers are covered with a waxy thick skin that keeps them crisp and Fresh.

In any case, squeezing this straightforward vegetable is another incredible choice to get to a concentrated type of its numerous solid supplements.

The skin of a cucumber is wealthy in fiber and contains an assortment of valuable minerals including Potassium, Magnesium and Silica. The silica in cucumber is a fundamental segment of solid connective tissue, which incorporates muscles, ligaments, tendons, ligament, and bone.

Cucumber juice is frequently prescribed as a wellspring of silica to improve the composition and strength of the skin, in addition to cucumber’s high water substance makes it normally hydrating—an absolute necessity for shining skin.

Making Cucumber Juice is the easy and tasty way to take the benefits of Cucumber.

Benefits of Cucumber Juice

It helps you in

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Maintain a Healthy & Fresh Skin
  3. Prevent from Cancer
  4. Maintain Healthy Vision
  5. Treat Damage Tissues
  6. Detoxify your Body
  7. Treat Bleeding Issues
  8. Avoid Bone Issues
  9. Strong your Nervous System
  10. Balance your Hormones
  11. Boost your Immunity System

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Cucumber Juice for Weight Loss

As we all know that Cucumber helps us in our Weight Loss. You also often heard from Doctors/ Dietitians that for Weight Loss, do eat Cucumbers in salad and for more fast Results, do it Empty Stomach. Because they help our body in Detox .

Make this Juice your daily Routine then you May see how it do wonders to your Body and Skin. You will start feeling so Fresh in your daily life.

Here I Going to share a Recipe of Cucumber juice which is tasty to drink and help us to reduce fast because in this we also going to use Lemon and Ginger which are very effective in Weight Loss.


Cucumber juice for Skin

The cucumber is for the most part water, yet in addition contains ascorbic corrosive (nutrient C) and caffeic corrosive, the two of which help calm skin disturbances and lessen swelling–these acids avert water maintenance, which may clarify why cucumbers connected topically are frequently useful for swollen eyes, consumes and dermatitis.

Cucumbers are an extraordinary treat for the skin. They have a similar pH as the skin so they help restore Skin–they likewise have hydrating, sustaining and astringent properties.


How to Make Cucumber Juice?

So what you need is.

  1. One lemon
  2. Some grated Ginger
  3. One Cucumber
  4. And Honey


Cut the cucumber in slices along with its skin and grate some Ginger.

Take a blender add the Cucumber, Ginger, add a

Medium level Glass of Water. Blend them well like very well. Stain it in a Glass or Jar then add 1 or Half of Lemon, up to your taste then Add Honey 1 teaspoon or up to your Taste.

Your Cucumber Juice is Ready. Make it in your daily Routine then you May see how it do wonders to your Body and Skin. You will start feeling so Fresh in your daily life.


When to Drink Cucumber Juice?

The best time to drink Cucumber is between your Meals. Like you done your Breakfast and before taking your Lunch, Drink Cucumber Juice 30minutes before Lunch, same as for Dinner.

Take Cucumber juice 30 minutes before your Meals.

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