Water: A Prevention and Cure for Many Diseases

Water: A Prevention and Cure for Many Diseases

When it comes to having clear, clean skin and healthy wellbeing, nothing works better than water. Yes, water is the ultimate remedy and savior for everyone who is a fan of healthy living inside out. Many of us know what water does for our body and skin but do you know that besides the beauty benefit, water gives some serious medical advantages to our system? Or that some of the diseases on their early stages are curable, or at least controllable, with water. In this article, I will share some of the key and medically proven health benefits of water as well as the diseases that can be cured, or minimized to a significant extent, with the help of water.

It Purifies your Body

We know that water is nature’s gift for purification; it purifies the body of all the toxins and harmful oxidants and assures its perfect health. Skin, being the largest body organ, benefits the most from water consumption; it is believed that a person should drink approximately 1 to 1.5 liters of water on a daily basis. Everyone knows that water cleanses our skin and makes it shiny and supple, but how does it actually do this? Other than blood, water is probably the only thing that can circulate in our body freely and can reach to the smallest part of our systems. Think of it as a garbage van (not a very likely scene I know), which collects all the waste from our locality; likewise, water collects all the waste and harmful elements from the entire body and helps in its elimination.

It is an Effective Acne Cure

Acne, pimples, and a majority of skin problems arise due to the shortage of water in our body, water cleanses the skin from dead cells, yes the same reason we exfoliate our skin from the outside. As dead cells are collected to the outer layer of our skin, they are collected to the underside of our pores too, we remove them from outside with exfoliates and scrubs but what to do about the ones lying at the back of pores? Water is the right answer. Presence of ample amount of water in our body enables the skin to exfoliate itself from the inside, which helps our blood cells to circulate nicely and provide the needed hemoglobin to skin. Other than skin, water plays a vital role in cleaning our excretory system; not only the health of our urinary system is dependent on water but it is also responsible for the welfare of our large and small intestines.

It Normalises Blood Pressure

Water is considerably helpful in normalizing high and low blood pressure; water is not called a miracle drink because of no reason as the same thing works differently in both cases. As per medical research, some one hundred and forty patients of hypertension were introduced to medically supervised water fasting in an inpatient facility for two to three days. Interestingly, nearly ninety percent of them experienced almost normal blood pressure with the highest achievement in patients having severe hypertension. Drinking more water helps increase blood volume and reduce low blood pressure condition that may lead to other dangerous conditions like kidney failure, heart attack, and stroke.

It Prevents and Treats Renal Diseases

Besides blood pressure, water saves you from dangerous renal diseases caused due to impurities present in the system. Water helps people with kidney stones and infection, UTIs and chronic kidney diseases (CKD). In the initial stages of kidney stones, doctors usually recommend the patient to drink water as it dissolves the stones and may prevent operation. However, in some cases like kidney failure and dialysis, doctors recommend patients to drink less water as their kidneys are cannot support the successful process of water and fluids. Generally, up to eight glasses of water is a recommended intake but I found that it depends on a person’s need; some days you may need more water while some days you may not need that much water.

Now you know what water can do for your body and skin, I think it is time that you monitor your water intake and make changes if needed.

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