Special Hand Whitening Remedy/Formula

Special Hand Whitening Remedy/Formula

Special Hand Whitening Formula

Now no need to pay in salons for facials or whitening treatments. We have so many options at home to treat our skin so why giving salons a handsome amount just for this. Here you go with another amazing whitening remedy. It will work as whitening injections if you keep using it for a month.

Let’s prepare the Mask. Add 3TBsps of Rice Flour then 5% of hydrogen peroxide (optional). It is very effective in Skin lightening. Mix it and then add 4TBsps of Shea Butter then 2TBsps of fresh Orange juice. Mix it well and prepare a thick mask. But before applying this mask you have to scrub your skin with the special skin scrub.

This scrub can be used as a whitening agent and left you with a Smooth Skin. It is so easy to make all you need is

  1. Fresh Orange Juice
  2. Honey
  3. Sugar
  4. Lemon
  • Add 3TBsp of Fresh Orange Juice                
  • 2TBsp of Honey                                        
  • 1TBsp of Sugar    

Mix well, then take a half lemon now rub this Scrub on your skin with the help of lemon. You have to rub properly for 25 minutes and risen it and get the instant Fresh, Smooth and Glowing Skin.

Remember not to use warm water. And after washing the scrub apply this mask and let it dry. Now wash it and you did a great facial at home.

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