PEDICURE at Home Whitening Toenails

PEDICURE at Home Whitening Toenails

Hi ladies you have to do this easy pedicure only once a month. The first step is to rub your feet with Aloe Vera gel for 10 minutes, give a fine rub to your feet with this. Then take warm water in tub, clean your toenails with toothpaste by using toothbrush properly. Toothpaste can clean you yellowish/bluish color of toes. Now in that warm water of tub add

  • 2TBsps of salt
  • 1TBsp/5% of hydrogen peroxide solution (optional)

  • 1TBsp of bleach
  • 1TBsp of Glycerin
  • 2TBsps of washing Powder
  • 1TBsp of Shampoo

Dip your feet in this warm water for 25 minutes and scrub in it between with this prepared Solution with a foot scrubber. Dead skin will remove with this and new skin will be visible. After this you can give a good rub of any moisturizer you use. And you are done.

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