Best Treatment/Remedy for Removing Stretch Marks

Best Treatment/Remedy for Removing Stretch Marks

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We know that Stretch Marks are very disturbing in women life. Especially on the Abdomen/lower Abdomen.

Stretch Marks occurred during Pregnancy or by the distension of skin. There are so many Expensive Creams in Market for this but really of no use. Here is the simplest and Easy Treatment/Remedy for Stretch Marks

Do Stretch Marks go away?

How can we get rid of Stretch Marks?

The Answer is here in this simple remedy. All you need is two simple things:

  1.  Virgin Coconut Oil
  2.  Fresh Aloe Vera Gel(can get it easily from aloe Vera plant)

Now what to do with these?

  • Take a steel pan
  • Add Coconut oil in it.
  • Take the Aloe Vera Leave cut it and take out the Gel.
  • Cut the leaves of Aloe Vera into small pieces.
  • Add the Gel and that pieces of leave in steel pan with coconut oil and put it in low flame and stir it, when you see that the Gel and leaves are getting brown in the oil then here we go..
  • Let them burn in coconut oil and when they are turned black from the edges turn off the flame and let it cool in that pan.

After sometime stain it and your Oil for Stretch Marks Removal is Ready. You can put it in any neat bottle and Please apply it Daily at least Once a day and You have to apply it for 30 days Continuously But after using it 15 days You Ladies ‘ll definitely start seeing the Results. Stretch Marks will start Fading and after the Proper 30 days use they fade away completely.

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