Best Remedy/Treatment for Lightening and Whitening Dark Armpits, Underarms/Knees/Elbow

Best Remedy/Treatment for Lightening and Whitening Dark Armpits, Underarms/Knees/Elbow

As ladies we all know that dark armpits/knees or any other darken part on body is so disturbing and irritating. It affects our overall looks very badly. Nobody wants them. So come on lets remove them out of our life by using homey things.

There are many ways to whitening your dark areas and one of those is here for you. This remedy will lighten and whiten your armpits, underarms in just one time use.


Baking Soda

Rice Flour/ Rice Powder


Raw Milk


Baking Soda maintains & balances your skin PH. it absorbs excess oil which helps in preventing the pores clogging. it’s a strong Lightening and Whitening agent.

Raw Milk can do wonders for your skin it has so many benefits that left you amazed. It works as a Fairness Agent, Moisturizer, Anti tanning Agent. It adds glow to skin and so.

Flour is a multi-talented ingredient. It works for skin, Hair plus health. It moisturizes and reduces the oil of skin. It fights pimple and tan. It can be mixed with a variety of ingredients to clean your skin. it has some natural properties for whitening and removes Dead skin cells

Rice has allantoin (an essential moisturizing ingredient in skin care, it non irritating and gentle qualities makes it an addition to anti aging products) and ferulic acid which made it a great sunscreen naturally. It helps a lot in lightening your skin from anywhere.

  • Making
  • Take a bowl add Half Tsp of Baking Soda, it’s a strong whitening and lightening agent.
  • Add 2 TBsp of Plain Flour/Maida it removes your dead skin cells.
  • Add 2 TBsp of Rice Flour/ Rice Powder then mix it.
  • Add 4-5 TBsp of Raw Milk gradually and mix along until its consistency becomes like a lotion.
  • Usage

Apply and scrub it along slowly now let it dry, wash it and you will notice a Prominent change. Don’t preserve it for next use made a new one.

Highly Recommended: Ladies who have Sensitive Skin or having any kind of Skin issues, don’t apply any of remedies directly on face, they should apply small amount of these Remedies on their hands first, to be sure not to be reacted because some of our Remedies/Tips/Treatments may include Baking soda or Hydro peroxide etc so please if you are having any Skin issue or Sensitivity of skin kindly apply them on your hands first to check. Thank you!

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