O TWO O Liquid Blush

O TWO O Liquid Blush

Liquid Blush O. TWO. O Review

If you want your cheeks to get Natural like Pink Color in Winter here is the Choice.

O.TWO.0 Liquid Blush gives you Soft & Smooth Pinky Natural Look. Cream and Liquid Blushes looks so good and Natural in winters.

In winter our Skin mostly gets Dry and if we use the Kit Blushes it will get run with your Face Fine Lines and gives you Sticky look.

But Liquid Blushes will work for us in winter.

O.Two.O Liquid Blush will not get Sticky within your Cheeks. It gives you a Fine yet Natural Pinky look which look Super Cool in winters.

Let’s Talk about it.

Packaging of O.Two.O Liquid Blush

Its Packaging is of Frosted Glass and has Plastic Cap and a Pump within.

You will get 15g Blush in one Bottle, which is way enough, like you can use it up to 1 year or maybe more.


It has its Expiry of 18m, 18 Months.

That is mentioned on the Bottom of its Bottle.

When you apply it, Blend it well with Beauty Blender or Brush, whatever you like. It gets dry on Cheeks but not that dry as Kit Blushes get dry on our skin. It will not get Sticky on your Face and not run with your Fine Line or Wrinkles. It gives you Soft & Smooth Look.

O.Two.O Liquid Blush Shades

O.Two.O Liquid Blush has Four Shades.

  1. Shade#1 Morning
  2. Shade#2 Sunset
  3. Shade#3 Orgasm
  4. Shade#4 Micro


O.Two.O Liquid Blush Shade#1

I am here talking about Shade 1, Rosy Pink Shade. It has Golden Shine along which look Amazing. It not Heavy at all nor give you any Kicky Look.

Preferably Blend this Liquid Blush with Beauty Blender in Dabbing & Circular Motion for a Flawless Look.

O.Two.O Liquid Blush is available on websites like AliExpress or other International Websites but now a days Customs are so high that we suggest you to get from shops. But if you are out of Pakistan then you may use Websites.

O.Two.O is easily available in reasonable price in Pakistan. It is of 1500 Rs

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