7 Types of Face Powder

7 Types of Face Powder

Face Powder

What is face powder?

Face powder is use to set Makeup and making your Makeup Long Lasting, Flawless, and Oil Free throughout the day.

Some Face Powders provide you Coverage to Cover & Remove the imperfections on face

Some Loose Face Powders provide you Sun Protection.

Types of Face Powders

There are 7 Types of Face Powders

  1. Translucent Powder
  2. Loose Powder
  3. Finishing Powder
  4. Mineral Powder
  5. Powder Foundation
  6. HD Powder
  7. Pressed Powder / Compact Powder
  • Translucent Face Powder

This powder is kind of invisible because it’s very Soft and Milled Texture. It can set your Whole Makeup but it’s very Light like Natural looking Face Powder. It can be used for all Skin Types. Its Finished is very Natural. The Most Important thing is Translucent Powder has No Flashback for example if you took pictures it will not give you any spooky or extra Whitish look.

The Easy available Translucent Powders in Pakistan are:

Huda Beauty, Easy Baked Translucent Powder

Beauty By Amna Translucent Powder

Focal Life Face Translucent Powder

  • Loose Face Powder

There are many Shades in Loose Powder, you can choose accordingly to your Skin Tone Color.

Loose Face Powder is Suitable for Oily Skin but not that for Dry Skin. It Absorbs the Excess Oil and makes your Makeup Long-Lasting.

Choose Loose Face powder Carefully according to your Skin Tone Color or else it will make your Foundation look Dull or Bright.

  • Pressed/ Compact Face Powder

Pressed Powder/ Compact Powder can be used on all Skin Types. And the real thing about this is that Pressed Powder is Travel Friendly, than Translucent & Loose Powder. You can take it with you everywhere.

But use it in little quantity because if you don’t then it could be looking kicky or Heavy on your Face. You can use it in Dabbing Motions and use a Brush to Remove Excess Powder on your face for Super look

It is very good for Touch Ups.

  • HD Face Powder

HD Powder will give you high definition results on your Face. Light in weight means it will give you a Transparent Clear look, like No-Powder Look

It can set your makeup very well. It can be use without Foundation/ Base.

HD Face powder gives you a very fine look on screen. Like in cameras it will make your look Awesome and Clear.

  • Finishing Face Powder

When your all Makeup has done you used some other Face powder on your base for setting Makeup. Finishing Powder is the ending step. Finishing Powder especially used for Fine Lines and Wrinkles. It’s kind of Heavy & Kicky, can’t be used in Daily-Basics but Occasionally. It is Very Well for Shoots and Photography

  • Mineral Face Powder

Mineral Powder is good for all Skin Types Especially for Acne, Pimple Skin etc. it made up of Tiny Particles, it has many Benefits for Skin Care.

The Great Thing about Mineral Face Powder is; it is available in both

Compact Form and Loose Form.

If your Skin is dry then get Compact One and if your Skin is Oily then get Loose One.

  • Powder Foundation

Powder Foundation is full Coverage Foundation and Face Powder. If you don’t want to use Foundation/ Base then it can be use as a Face Powder.

It can be use both as a Foundation for setting your Makeup or as a Face Powder.


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