3 Best Oil for Hair Growth / Hair Re-Growth

3 Best Oil for Hair Growth / Hair Re-Growth

Oil can be a key advance to keeping up hair and scalp health. Oiling your hair can like wise make it more grounded, milder, and shinier.
Hair the main course of our beauty, A precious gift of GOD. We girls need hair, want hair, moreeee hairrrr. Haha! So to make them beautiful, attractive and to make them grow we need to take care of them, we need to work on them.

If you are facing hair fall, hair growth,dandruff or any kind of hair problem. We will help you out by simple treatments/remedies.
No medicines and no expensive products. Just made a homely remedy and treat them.

3 Best Oils For Hair Care and Hair Growth/Regrowth

We are taking three best oils for hair growth,best oils for their Strengthen and they can cure every hair problem. They are:

  • Acacia Concinna Oil/Shikakai: Oil for hair growth: It has been used in the subcontinent traditionally for hair growth and care. By improving the blood circulation in your scalp, it boosts your hair growth and maintains the PH level of scalp and adds shine a lot.

Amber Oil & Arnica Oil for hair growth: These two essential oils strengthens each and every hair root; prevent split ends and graying of hair.

  • Kernel Oil for hair: It helps to moisturize and smooth the skin around hair. It contains palmitic acid, Vitamin K, Vitamin A and Vitamin E, this combination is very valuable in hair volume, care and hair growth.

How to Make it & How it Works?

Now you just add these four essential oils in one bottle but in same quantity as if u have added one cup of kernel oil then you add the same cup of remaining three oils so the quantity will remain same for these four oils. Now shake the bottle well and your Re-grow
Hair Oil is ready to use.

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