May Good Bye to pores!! Maybelline baby skin primer comes in a cute small nicely designed tube. It claims to erase your pores instantly which is actually true.
Well, it’s important to know how actually a primer works on your skin. A primer’s job is to close your pores and smooth your skin to give a fresh look but choose your primer wisely according to your skin type for best results. This primer is fragrance free and transparent in colour. Its a light weight primer. All what u have to do is wash your face, moisturize and apply a little amount of it on your face and blend it smoothly before applying foundation for excellent result. It works great for oily and combination skin because it controls excess shine and keeps your skin hydrated. Trust me it will keep your makeup fresh and last it long but in extreme summers. It’s affordable and easily available product. Its one of my must have daily essentials. Do give it a try to fill your pores instantly and give your makeup a flawless finish.

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