Loreal Pure Clay Charcoal Mask

claims to have a unique combination of three different types of clay Kaolin, Montmorillonite and Gasohol along with charcoal. It works as a detoxifying mask which helps you to remove dirt and other impurities from your skin. It’s consistency is good and goes on really well. Gently apply a thin layer of it on face avoiding the eye area and lips. Let it stay till it dries and then wipe it off with hot water towel. You will immediately feel your pores a little less visible.
Use this mask thrice a week for better results. Initially it might give you a few breakouts but they do get better with time. It reduces blemishes and will make your skin look beautiful. It will help in shrinking your pores. This detoxifying mask works great on oily skin and will make your dull skin look bright. Highly recommended. Do give it a try.

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