Are you tired of trying moisturizes making your skin oily? My skin is super dry in winters but in summers it gets very oily especially my T zone. I have been tired of trying everything either the moisturizers do nothing, or they make my face greasy. Finally, I came across Loreal Hydra Fresh Aqua Essence and thought of giving it a try. It’s a very light weight moisturizer made of French voyages spa water because of which it had a watery texture which easily penetrates in the skin. As I applied it on my face for the first time, I felt my skin fresh and hydrated. Well, it doesn’t have a very nice smell which is okay as the product is doing it’s job. I use it twice a day and day by day my skin appears to be smooth, soft and shine free. It’s an ideal everyday moisturizer which doesn’t have any anti aging or anti wrinkles properties because of which I think it will only work great for people in the twenties. I am loving this product working well on me on all the seasons. I will definitely buy it again as it keeps my skin soft, hydrated and glowing all day.

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